Handstand Challenge
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100 Day Burpee Challenge

I am in the beginning stages of a 100 Day Burpee Challenge.  Here is how it goes:  Day 1, you do 1 Burpee.  Day 2, you do 2.  And so on for 100 days.  Sounds innocent enough until you realize that pretty soon, I will be doing 60 burpees one day, 61 the next and 62 the day after that.  All the way up to 100!  Someone added it up and it ends up being close to 5000 burpees over the course of 100 days.  An average of 50 burpees per day.

What is a burpee?

I learned about burpees while I was doing CrossFit.  They are full body workout move.  You start by jumping into a squat, jump out into a plank, do a push-up, jump back into a squat and then jump up in the air and clap your hands.  The clap is very important.  All the toughest burpee doers are serious about the clap.

We are on Day 17.  So far, the Bean and I have been diligent about doing our burpees.  Rosie is too much of a slacker.

Need some evidence?  We decided to do burpees on the beach the other night and as you can see from the photos…Rosie is never really doing them.  She is jumping around, sure.  She is waving her arms.  But, she isn’t doing her burpees.


Here we have the kids starting their burpees.  As you will notice, Rosie is doing hers while holding a stick.  Not proper form.

In the push-up position, Rosie is laying on the ground.  This is burpee number 1.

As the other two move on to burpee number 2, Rosie is crawling on the ground.  She is not going to make it.

Maybe she should try cheer-leading instead….using sticks instead of pom poms.


Finally, all three in the pose they are supposed to be in.

Rosie decided she was much better suited to a handstand challenge.  And, she dominated.

What an amazing night at the beach!  Sometimes I feel so lucky to live in Southwest Florida.