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Foodbuzz 24×24: Party Food on A Stick!

I really like having people over.  I like having big parties, little parties, potlucks, pool parties–any chance to get together with friends without leaving my house.  Unfortunately, things have been quite hectic for the past few months and getting things organized for a party has just seemed too difficult.  Luckily, my proposal for the FoodBuzz 24×24 meal was accepted–prompting me to plan for and have a fantabulous dinner party.

For a while I have been thinking about making foods on a stick.

Most of my inspiration came from a  new cookbook by Matt Armandariz titled, “On A Stick”.  (Side note:  I am not including recipes in this post as I think you should go ahead and buy this book.  It has some great photography and it is something you will be turning to for fast, fun and unique recipes–on a stick!)

Since I bought the book, I have bookmarked almost every recipe.  Everything in the book looks tasty and fun–and Matt’s way of presenting the recipes makes even the beginning home cook think that they are capable of  making them all.  After thumbing through the book multiple times–I decided that I wanted to have an “On a Stick” Party.  All foods served on a stick–including sophisticated (kind of) appetizers, kid friendly fare, dessert and snacks. Lots of yummy things.

Luckily, our friends were game  and created  their own stick food  surprises.

Of course, central to any stick food menu–is meat on a stick.   And, we had plenty of that.

Yakitori! - Alternating chunks of chicken with scallions-grilled with an Asian inspired sauce.  These were made by our friend Kent and they went fast.

Beef Teriyaki–This recipe was direct from Matt’s book—grilled beef topped with teriyaki sauce.  You cannot really go wrong here.

Shrimp skewers-—these were lime-y and salty and crunchy and good.  This was one of my favorites of the night.  Our friend Baird brought these and sangria–both delicious.

Chicken Teriyaki Skewers—Basically the same as the beef skewers but using chicken thighs instead of beef.  Super tasty!

Fried Sardines- These fried sardines on a stick were the most interesting item on the menu.  Our friend Anastasia made them along with a couple of dipping sauces.  The one on the left is Siracha sauce mixed with a bit of sour cream.  Very good!

Bacon Wrapped Shrimp- Unfortunately, I didn’t get to photograph these when they came out of the oven.  But, you can probably imagine what they looked like.  Crispy bacon, perfectly cooked shrimp with a citrus flavor.  This recipe also came from “On A Stick” and was a great appetizer.  I wish I would have made a double (or triple) batch.

While meat on a stick was definitely key to the meal–we had a wide assortment of other food groups.  For example:

Panzanella with Sherry Vinaigrette–This recipe came directly from “On A Stick”.  I can’t tell you how they tasted (because I didn’t get one) but judging by how fast they disappeared, I’m guessing they were pretty good.

Greek Salad Skewers- Our friend Robin assembled these salad skewers and it was a great idea.  Cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, olives and onion all sprinkled with feta cheese.  These were a huge hit!

Fruit Skewers with some Amazing Dipping Sauce- With a large group of kids, I knew fruit would be a hit.  I chopped up some pieces and skewered them for a brightly colored treat.  I also made some amazing dipping sauce (from “On a Stick”) which was a mix of marshmallow fluff and sour cream.  It may sound weird but it was good.  It may even remind you of your grandma.

Requisite Corndogs- I felt that I had to have these things at an “On A Stick” party.  But, I’ll admit to you that I bought these pre-made from the store and just heated them up in the oven.  The kids loved them, of course!

I love dessert and making dessert on a stick is even more fun.

Cake Pops- I made cake pops—of course, using Bakerella’s techniques.  The kids loved them and I wish I had taken the time to make a few more.

By the end of the party people were resorting to eating the cake ball mixture by the spoonfuls.  Moral of this story:  If you are having a party, make a lot of cake balls.

Frozen Elvis- This recipe also came from “On a Stick” and I just adapted it to make them bite-size.  It is a frozen banana bite, dipped in chocolate and then rolled in chopped peanuts and bacon.  I had never had a frozen banana before and I thought they were great.  My friend Kellie also brought frozen bananas–some dipped in chocolate and other dipped in coconut oil.  Yum!

Sangria Popsicles- A stick party wouldn’t be complete without some sort of frozen confection on a stick.  We had two varieties of Popsicles–those for the kids (made with an assortment of fresh juices) and these for the grown-ups.  This recipe (from “On a Stick”) was so simple and fun.  Sangria, orange juice and some fruit!

I think it is safe to say that the “On a Stick” dinner party was a success.  Good food, good friends and a good time. If you are looking for a summer party theme idea, I recommend getting Matt’s book and getting inspired. You can purchase the book here.

I am already looking for another excuse to work through some more of the party perfect recipes—smores on a stick, deep-friend candy bars, chicken and waffles on a stick, and even spaghetti and meatballs on a stick.  Another stick party may be just around the corner.

Disclaimer:  I don’t know Matt or the publisher of the “On A Stick” cookbook.  I had this dinner party because I thought it sounded fun and did not receive any product or money from the book publisher.

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  1. rina says:

    Amazing the food looks so good. Cool pictures. Its cool to enjoy food in different ways :) I enjoyed reading it. Its cool to see how many people are having fun with it :)

  2. Angie @ Bigbearswife says:

    I love this idea!! Isn’t everything better on a stick!

  3. Emily says:

    What a fun idea! I did Nicoise salad on a stick for a recent French themed cocktail party and they were delicious!!

    1. admin says:

      Did you post the Nicoise recipe somewhere? Sounds intriguing!

  4. Monica Robledo says:

    Love this idea!! :D

  5. Forty Cakes – Frozen Elvis says:

    [...] am thinking about Elvis, I thought I would show you how I made the frozen Elvis banana pops for my “On A Stick” party a couple of weeks ago.    These are basically a frozen banana, chocolate, nuts and [...]

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