Holiday Road Trip with Kids?

holiday road trip with kids

  Ahhh!  8 more days until Christmas and let me tell you….I have very few presents for our kids. We have decided to be a bit more calm about gifts this year..instead of piles of presents under the tree…there will be just a few special ones.  We have talked to the kids about Santa and… 

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Best Sarasota Brunch: The Table Creekside


I was very excited for our brunch date at The Table Creekside.  Not only had I been reading and re-reading their online menus and was super excited to try their food, I was really looking forward to alone time to chat, decompress and drink.  The plan was for Aaron to coach his surf and SUP… 

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Happy Birthday Dad!

me and aaron on kauai

Today is my dad’s birthday!  I always had the hardest time remembering if his birthday was Sept 30th or the 31st until I learned that there is no September 31st.  I think I learned that a few months ago. In honor of my dad, I thought I would write a little blog post about him. … 

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9 Reasons to Visit Jekyll Island Club during the Holidays

jekyll island resort hotel architecture

Did you know there are only 20 18 Fridays left until Christmas? I just heard this fact last week and can’t really believe it. But, I’m excited…because I LOVE the holidays! I started to think a little bit about the trip we went on spontaneously last winter to Jekyll Island Club in Jekyll Island, Georgia. If… 

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Chia Pudding

Chia Pudding

  My husband’s business takes him on stand up paddleboard adventure trips around the world and sometimes the stars align and I am lucky enough to go along.   This summer I got to go with his group to paddle the north shore of Kauai, camping and exploring each and everyday.   As you can imagine, it… 

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This Week in My Life…


I have decided in an effort to blog more that I would do a weekly post of things that are going on in my brain, my world, my whatever.  It might not be very interesting to you dear readers, but I do like to go back and read through my old blog posts.  I’m hoping… 

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Best Things About the Whole 30 Program

kauai, na pali coast, snorkeling

A few months ago, I was getting ready for a trip to Hawaii and the Azores, and I was feeling bad. I didn’t want to be the biggest girl on the paddleboard trip on Kauai and I didn’t want to show up in the Azores looking slovenly. This was going to be my first beach… 

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Gourmet Homemade Cheese-Itz


We don’t do much to celebrate birthdays or anniversaries around here.  Every year, I make a vow to change that because I really do think it is a good habit to celebrate special days–it is just not one that we have gotten into.  This year for our 12th anniversary, I made Aaron homemade cheese crackers…. 

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Roasted Cauliflower and Bacon


About a week ago I heard about the Whole 30 program–basically a super strict version of the Paleo lifestyle to really break you of sugar cravings and food associated mood swings.  I decided to do it. June 1st was my first day of my self proclaimed, ” 30 days of boring” yet I am learning… 

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Whole 30 Report: Day 8


What did I eat? Breakfast: Two Boiled Eggs, Almond Butter banana Lunch: Turkey Jerky and Goji Energy Bites Dinner:  Paleo Lasagna (original recipe coming soon)–basically layers of eggplant and zucchini topped with turkey marinara sauce and a cream of cashews. Dessert: Goji Bites Late Night Snack: Banana How did I feel? I did feel that… 

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