Back to School –Woo Hoo! or Boo Hoo?

We are going back to school next week. Not just the kids, but me too. Back to teaching a couple of night classes at a local college. I am not ready at all. The kids are and have been for about two weeks now.

To me, the beginning of the school year is exciting—and it always starts with going out and going school supply and school clothes shopping. School clothes shopping signifies the start of Fall….and Fall reminds me that the Fall holidays are right around the corner. Halloween. Thanksgiving. Christmas. Yay!

Last week, we took advantage of the Florida tax holiday and headed out to go school clothes shopping. This was the first year that the kids really had their hearts set on certain styles. The Bean really wanted to stick with long shorts and cool T-shirts-but this year he wanted a cool hat. Not a baseball hat but a Michael Jackson type hat.

Rosie wanted everything that seemed sparkly and bright. Lucky for them, the stores had everything that they were looking for.

I limited our school supply and school clothes shopping to $400, not including new shoes for the kids. I’m sure this number will increase as they grow older but this year…it worked out pretty good. We shopped on the Florida Tax Free Holiday weekend, hit the Outlet stores and Old Navy, and I made sure to go through their dressers before we left to see what was still salvageable from last year.

I feel ready for school. We have our supplies. The kids have some awesome outfits and I am mentally prepared. And, I want to start getting ready for Halloween…..

Have a good start to the school year!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.