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Bean Burritos–A weeknight tradition

At least once a week, I make bean burritos.  This recipe was passed down from my mother which was passed down from her mother.  It is a long standing family tradition** and lucky for you, I feel like sharing this secret with you.  Please guard this family recipe with your life–as it is very important to us.

You must start with very good cheese.  We like to use Cabot’s Extra Sharp cheese–grated with extra big holes on the grater.

Grab some tortillas (use wheat if you can but if you don’t, white will work just fine)  You will also need some refried beans.  From a can works quite nice.  It’s OK–we are all busy–we understand.

Throw down some beans–a nice generous scoop direct from the can and top with a bunch of cheese.  Do not skimp on the cheese!

Roll Tightly.

Repeat.  Get the kids to help but make sure they understand how much cheese is necessary.

And how to roll, gently.

Bake at 350 degrees for 15-20 minutes or until the ends get browned and the cheese is bubbly.

Let cool and serve.  I like to fill mine with spinach and hot sauce.  The kids like theirs plain with spinach on the side.

Enjoy our weekly tradition!  It is very quick and easy.  We all like them and though they may not be that healthy–at least they are better than frozen foods and much less expensive than eating out.

**Although not a true family tradition, this is the only meal I can remember my mom ever making.

I wrote this post as a part of the Kitchen Corners May Cook Off!