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Best Sarasota Brunch: The Table Creekside


I was very excited for our brunch date at The Table Creekside.  Not only had I been reading and re-reading their online menus and was super excited to try their food, I was really looking forward to alone time to chat, decompress and drink.  The plan was for Aaron to coach his surf and SUP team and then he would quickly change and meet me.  I would be busy getting the kids to the babysitter.

Unfortunately, the plans changed.  The babysitter called to cancel at the last minute and we had no back up sitter.  I was just about to cancel our reservation.  But, in a moment of desperation (I really, really needed a mimosa!) I called The Table Creekside to see if they could accommodate all of us.  Kids included.

I was reluctant to do this for a number of reasons…1) I really wanted a date with my husband, 2) The kids had just gotten done surfing and were wet and salty and we had no time to rush home to change and 3) I assumed that the kids either wouldn’t appreciate the restaurant or wouldn’t be welcome.  I was wrong on all accounts!

Luckily, the restaurant was totally willing to change our reservation, we were able to find passable clothes for the kids to wear (in the car), the kids loved the food and service, and I got a date with two handsome men and a beautiful girl.  It all worked out amazingly—like things tend to do.

Let’s talk a little bit about The Table Creekside:

The Table Sarasota

It is located on South Tamiami Trail (next to the Phillipi Creek Oyster House) and from the outside doesn’t look like much.  Usually, I am driving by this area in a rush and never really noticed it before.

The Table Inside

However, when you walk in you are greeted with beautiful natural light and great decor.  Light, simple and pretty.


I loved everything about the decor.  The whites of the linens and dishes, the blues of the glassware and the natural wood of the chairs and tables.  All of which is just bathed in beautiful natural light.  There is an option to sit outside on a deck, overlooking Phillipi Creek but the table didn’t have any sunshades and it was just too warm for us out there.


We opted for the nice, cool air conditioning and still had a  beautiful view.


We started the meal off with Bloody Mary’s and mimosas.  They offer an all you can drink mimosas and have traditional, mango, grapefruit and pear.  I had plans to try them all but only had pear and mango.  Both were great–light and refreshing.


Aaron went with their unique make-your-own Bloody Mary with options for  different infused vodkas,  flavored salts, and various garnishes.  For his first, he tried the  smoked bacon infused vodka, chipotle salted rim,  with shrimp garnish.  For his second, they brought out one with a garnish of bacon wrapped pickle.

mocktail The Table

The kids were served “mocktails”–a combination of fresh juices served in a martini glass.  They loved it and felt so sophisticated.

We didn’t look at the kids menu.  We wanted to try as many of the options on the brunch menu  as possible because it all looked so good and everyone (except me) had just been surfing and were starved.  We did not need to order as much food as we did.  The portions were generous and we were stuffed by the end of brunch.  Next time, I would likely have the kids share a meal instead of getting their own.


Nova ordered the Stuffed French Toast Panini with candied apples, brie, caramel with a side of sausage and eggs.  Have you ever seen a panini like this?  I love chefs that are so creative!  They looked like little donuts but they were stuffed with melted brie,  candied apples and a bit of caramel sauce.


For the meat lovers in the group, the server recommended his favorite, the Argentinian Cowboy.  This is what Sawyer, an 11 year old boy, ordered for brunch.  There is no doubt that he is a meat-lover but as a former vegetarian, I felt a bit uncomfortable with his choice.  8 ounce  New York steak, Argentinian sausage, bacon, eggs and potato hash.  A lot of food for an adult–way too much for a child.  He didn’t complain though.  He loved it of course.

We asked the server to surprise us with their specialties which was fun way to order.


I was served the SEA from their Benedict Bar.  Basically it was eggs benedict on polenta cakes topped with sweet Maine lobster.  This is not something I would normally order for myself but it was outstanding.  As I write this I can remember each and every bite.  I loved, loved, loved the polenta and their version of the hollandaise sauce.


Aaron was served the Short Rib from the Bendict Bar (Who knew there could be so many options for eggs benedict?).  This was my favorite dish on the table by far.  The rib was so tender and the flavor combinations with the rib, egg, sauce and potato has  were just perfect.

I eat at a lot of restaurants and I will honestly say that The Table Creekside had everything I needed for a great brunch date with my family.  Everything about the meal was perfect.  We all loved the food and I am excited to get back there to try more from their original menus.

The Table Creekside• 5365 South Tamiami Trail Sarasota, Florida• (941) 921-9465


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