Cupcake Hat

Cake-y Gift Ideas (Part 1)

Once again, I have limited time to bake cakes and this time it is because I am working on my holiday shopping list. Since the holidays are basically here and everyone is getting in the mood for Christmas shopping and decorating, I decided to find cake related gifts for all of the peeps on my shopping list. I have decided that most of my gift shopping will be done at small independent stores/online this year….These folks need our support even more this year and it feels good to help the small stores and independent sellers keep their businesses going.

If you plan to get cake (or other  sweets-related) gifts for your family and friends—feel free to use this handy checklist and your shopping will be done in a snap!

First on my shopping list, is my little niece.  She is so easy to buy for since she is too young to have developed interests and she looks so darn cute in everything.  She will be extra adorable in one of these cupcake hats, made by my friend Kristi, you can find her stuff here. Just look at this cutie:

My sister and brother in law, are impossible to buy for—so I decided I would get them something for their house:

This old fashioned cake board, made by jennysbakeshop, would look great in any kitchen, or any room of the house for that matter.  Actually, I think it would good in my kitchen too—so I may have to get one for myself (or maybe I can pass it off as a gift to my husband?). Yummy!

For my mother, I found this very cool book from Japan.   You see, my mom loves to crochet (maybe she doesn’t really love it, she just has a lot of time on her hands) and she makes us blanket after blanket.  They are wonderfully soft and very pretty blankets—we just have a lot of them.  So,  I hope this book will inspire her to use her crochet skills to make some other interesting items, like this crocheted, kiwi topped, cake on the cover:

Check out this great print from anagram press.  It has a great message and a beautiful wedding cake.  It would be a great present for anyone’s home.  (I already have one.)

We recently bought our daughter an EZ Bake oven as a reward for ending a bad habit (More on this later) and she really enjoyed making the tiny cakes and sugar cookies.  Now, she is asking for a  cupcake maker and I just might have to get it for her:

This little toy allows the kids to make cupcakes in the microwave and then frost them professionally…….In my cynical adult eyes, it looks like a bunch of plastic junk that will be sold for $1 at the neighborhood yard sale in three months….but she REALLY wants one.  I could get it for her in the name of cupcake research or I could just buy her some decorating bags and mix up a batch of frosting.  Yikes, $50.00!  Okay, that decision has been made….no cupcake maker this year.  Maybe I can find one at a yard sale before her birthday.

For the has-everything, lives-far- away, hard-to-buy for-person on your list (like, my dad)-check out these fresh made to deliver cupcakes from the Saint Cupcake bakery in Portland, OR.  You can go to their website and order a cupcake kit for anyone, anywhere.  You get to chose three cupcakes, three frostings, and three sprinkles.  You can even send  little trinkets for special occasions  It gets packaged into a super-neat-o package and shipped off.  You can even get vegan cupcakes and frostings!  If you are looking for a gift for me, this is definalty on my list!

That’s it for now.  I’ve got some shopping to do!  I’ve got some more posts coming up including an EZ Bake oven review, chocolate peanut buter cupcakes, Cake-y Gift Ideas (PArt 2) and a review of the Barefoot Contessa cupcakes.  I’ll also be baking at least one cake this week.  Stay tuned.