Carousel 6

Carousel at the Players Theater

Carousel 6


My baby boy is a thespian and is in the Sarasota Player’s theater production of Carousel–which has been extended for another week, until January 26th.  Carousel is a Rogers and Hammerstein show that has lots of funny lines, deep moving story lines (domestic violence, suicide, depression), and great music.

Carousel 3

I have seen it twice now from the audience and once from backstage and either the show gets better every time or the messages and songs resonate with me.  It also helps that there is a super cute boy onstage that I love watching.

Carousel 2

I was in the play in high school and didn’t remember much of it but when Sawyer asked if he could audition, I encouraged it.  Theater is great for kids–no matter the size of their role.  I was a bit surprised by their rehearsal and performance schedules (until 10:30 pm on school nights!) but he has been a trooper about it and hasn’t complained once.  Actually, his grades have improved since he started working late on the show.  He must be like his mom and work better when stressed…

Carousel 5

I know he is enjoying it.  He gets to spend time backstage with friends and bow to a standing audience every night.  Not to mention they do what every other kid wants to do—play video games when they aren’t onstage.


If you are in the Sarasota area in the next week or so, I highly recommend catching this show.  (It may not be appropriate or fun for young kids but if you can hire a sitter and have a date night–you should!) For more information on tickets and times, check out the Players Theater website: