Chia Pudding

Chia Pudding

  My husband’s business takes him on stand up paddleboard adventure trips around the world and sometimes the stars align and I am lucky enough to go along.   This summer I got to go with his group to paddle the north shore of Kauai, camping and exploring each and everyday.   As you can imagine, it was great.  Sparkly blue water, perfect weather, amazing scenery and

Gourmet Homemade Cheese-Itz


We don’t do much to celebrate birthdays or anniversaries around here.  Every year, I make a vow to change that because I really do think it is a good habit to celebrate special days–it is just not one that we have gotten into.  This year for our 12th anniversary, I made Aaron homemade cheese crackers.  Yep, that’s it.  I may have purchased him his favorite

Paleo Chocolate Cherry Treats


  As you can probably tell if you have been reading this blog for any length of time, I don’t prescribe to any sort of special diet.  I have recipes that are vegan, gluten free, paleo and even recipes that are full of fat, full sugar, full of crazy bad things.  I have recipes just for carinvores and recipes for vegetarians.  Just an odd mix–because

Best Ever Guacamole

I make guacamole every other day during avocado season. And, in my guacamole making life I have tried many different recipes. This one takes the cake as being the best tasting and simplest. It is also vegan. All you need is avos, lime, salt and a healthy smattering of cilantro. Cut the avocados in half and remove the pits. Remove the pit by gently (be

Paleo Breakfast Cupcakes

Paleo Cupcakes

  I toured Bailey Farms, a local pepper farm located in Southwest Florida and during the tour they let me pick some of these little peppers–Bellafina Peppers to take home and play with.  The peppers themselves have been developed over 12 years—using cross breeding techniques.  They scientists were trying to create a small pepper, in yellow, orange and red, that would grow outside in Florida

My experience with a Juice Cleanse!


Last week, I started a three day juice cleanse.  I was hoping for a few things as a result of the cleanse namely, a little weight loss, a detox from my crazy sugar addiction, clear skin and boundless energy.  Juice cleanses seems to be the rage these days and they all tout those things.  I decided to go with a local juice supplier, Sara Fresh

Breakfast Burrito

egglands best breakfast burrito

  We love our breakfast burritos!  Every morning, Sawyer asks for a breakfast burrito and I always have reasons why I can’t make them.  “I’m running late”, ” They aren’t good for you.”, “Only on special occasions!” For Valentines Day, I decided to make them for the family.  These breakfast burritos are healthier and quick to make.  Perfect for before school breakfast. 1) Start with

Broiled Grapefruit


  We have a grapefruit tree in our backyard and each year it gives us more and more perfect fruits.  The first year we lived here, we got one grapefruit.  The next year, three.  This year we have had about 15!  I made grapefruit curd for Christmas gifts (win!) and attempted to make chocolate covered candied grapefruit (fail!).  But, one of the most special and

Purple Power Smoothie (No Banana)

Purple Smoothie with Greens No Banana

  Just like most of the world, we are trying to eat healthy for the new year and we are still going strong mid January.  I am getting my strength workouts in and cardio.  I am trying to mentally and spiritually stay focused through meditation and reading inspiring and uplifting books (currently: The Power of Now).  And, we are trying to eat clean and healthy.

Veggie Pizza

pizza 2

If you are anything like me, you are busy right now.  Not only because of the holiday craziness but because you have children living at home, dogs, cats and a to do list that never seems to end.  I know I should cherish and love this time but sometimes I don’t have a moment to stop and breathe, let alone ‘cherish’. I have started coming