Mushroom Bourguignon (Vegan)

Mushroom Bourguignon

Aaron loves it when I cook with wine. Just the smell of the wine de-glazing the goodies off the bottom of the pan is enough to drive him crazy. He is particularly happy when it is something heavily meaty but my most recent mushroom Bourginoin –a very satisfying vegan dish–got a great reaction from him. He called it “Comfort food at its best” and stated

Risotto Party: Four Recipes, One Night


The challenge:  Compare  four different varieties of Italian risotto rice. The issues: 1) In order to compare the varieties, I would have to prepare them. 2) Risotto preparation is kind of time consuming. 3) After our trip to NYC, the deadline to finish the review was coming up quickly.  I wasn’t sure there was enough time left to actually complete the task. What to do?