Best Things About the Whole 30 Program

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A few months ago, I was getting ready for a trip to Hawaii and the Azores, and I was feeling bad. I didn’t want to be the biggest girl on the paddleboard trip on Kauai and I didn’t want to show up in the Azores looking slovenly. This was going to be my first beach trip without kids and my first trip to Europe. I

Roasted Cauliflower and Bacon


About a week ago I heard about the Whole 30 program–basically a super strict version of the Paleo lifestyle to really break you of sugar cravings and food associated mood swings.  I decided to do it. June 1st was my first day of my self proclaimed, ” 30 days of boring” yet I am learning that this does not have to be boring.  Not at

Whole 30 Report: Day 8


What did I eat? Breakfast: Two Boiled Eggs, Almond Butter banana Lunch: Turkey Jerky and Goji Energy Bites Dinner:  Paleo Lasagna (original recipe coming soon)–basically layers of eggplant and zucchini topped with turkey marinara sauce and a cream of cashews. Dessert: Goji Bites Late Night Snack: Banana How did I feel? I did feel that I had lots of energy today.  I was in a

Whole 30 Report: Day 7


What did I eat? Breakfast: Nothing really…..We got a late start and I had my black coffee and that was it. Lunch: On the road–quick stop for Turkey Jerky and Kombucha Dinner:  We had friends over to BBQ.  I made spinach salad, grilled chicken thighs and sweet potato fries. I also made dessert: Chocolate Cherry Paleo Treats. It was great…the kids kept asking for more

Whole 30 Report: Day 6


What did I eat? Breakfast: two boiled eggs, black coffee Lunch: Cucumbers topped with sliced turkey and a dabble of mashed avocado.  (So yum!) Dinner: Chipotle bowl with lettuce, carnitas, salsa and guacamole Snacks:  raw almonds, Kombucha How did I feel? I’m feeling good!  I did go out for a short paddle tonight and felt a bit light headed.  It wasn’t too rough out there

Whole 30 Report: Day 5


What did I eat? Breakfast: Diced sweet potatoes cooked with scrambled eggs Lunch: Cauliflower and Bacon! Dinner: Indian Chicken Curry on  Sweet Potato Dessert: banana How did I feel? I have felt a little bit of anxiety when I think of the planning aspect of eating this way.  I wake up asking myself, “What am I going to cook today?  Do I have the correct

Whole 30 Report: Day 4


What did I eat? Breakfast: two boiled eggs, banana, kombucha Lunch: Carrot Cardamon Soup Dinner: Tacos (with lettuce wraps) How did I feel? I had paddleboard race training class tonight and we were coached to go out about 45 minutes into the wind and then turn around and let the wind push us back.  It was HARD.  At a certain point, I felt lightheaded and

Whole 30 Report: Day 3


What did I eat? Breakfast: Banana with almond butter Lunch: Carrot Cardamon Soup (getting a lot of use out of this!), blueberries Dinner: Baked chicken thighs and grilled asparagus. Snacks: almonds, turkey jerky How did I feel? I felt hungry all day today.  I’m thinking that my workout last night just kept my metabolism revved up and I just needed more food. Anything else? I

Whole 30 Report: Day 2


Day 2 is in the bag! What did I eat? Breakfast:  two boiled eggs, a banana smothered with almond butter Lunch: carrot cardamon soup Dinner: sweet potato fries, giant spinach salad with creamy avocado dressing and crunchy bacon topping How did I feel? I felt fine although this was the first day I had to incorporate work and the kids schedule into my eating plan.

Feed Your Body Friday: Calcium

by Andrew Magill

Exploring Micronutrients Series #2- Calcium What is Calcium? Per the National Institute of Health, Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body. 99% of the Calcium in our body is found in the bones and teeth; the remaining 1% is utilized to support metabolic functions. The recommended daily allowance (RDA) of Calcium is between 1,000 and 1,200 mg for adult males and females. Children