Fit Club Friday!


**We interrupt the Watermelon Recipes for an ever important workout post.  One more watermelon recipe tomorrow.** The Olympics inspired me to workout and in honor of them I am going to start something new here on this site…..  Fit Club Fridays! I’ve been having a hard time since I quit CrossFit trying to figure out a workout schedule for the week.  And….if I don’t have

One marathon finished, a baking marathon soon to begin…

rainbow cake

I realize that I post a lot about things I am planning to do, rather than things I have done.  Well, this is another one of those posts.  We have returned from our holiday vacation, I have run my marathon, and it is supposed to rain this weekend.  Rainy weekend equals baking projects!  What will I be baking, you may ask? Here’s the short list:  (which may