The Key Largo Princess


As a last hurrah before the start of the school year, we shipped the dog off the the kennel, packed the entire house into a rental car and headed down the road for a long, long, long drive to the Florida Keys.  You guys, Florida is huge!  It took us about 5 and half hours… 

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Summer Bucket List!

Rosie and Friend

It is finally summer and we are ready to have fun!  The kids have actually been out of school for a week now and have not really got into the beauty of life that summer brings—lazy mornings, staying up late and doing lots of fun, out of the ordinary things.  The Bean actually asked me… 

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Florida Eco-Safari


If you have been reading this blog for any length of time you know that I am a nature person.  I need to be out in nature to clear my head and really relax.  Especially after a couple of days of non-stop theme park and vacation craziness.  I also really want to encourage my kids… 

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Medieval Times Orlando


Medieval Times is, as one would expect, a place that transports you to another time.  From the moment we crossed the moat into the castle we felt like we were up for an adventure. Castle assistants greeted us and gave  us paper crowns that corresponded with our seating section and the knight we would  be… 

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Ten Favorite Things About our Kissimmee Vacation!


1)  Seeing the alligators and deer at Florida Eco-Safaris.  I enjoyed just being out in the fresh and undeveloped parts of Florida but the animals were a cool perk too. 2) As a mom, traveling alone with my kids, I always felt safe and at ease.  This is one of the key reasons that keeps… 

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Legoland! Legoland Florida!


During our spontaneous vacation,  we knew we would need to make the trek to Legoland.  From Kissimmee, the trip is about 45 minutes-an easy drive especially if you have tired kids in the car.  (Hopefully, they are sleeping instead of screaming.) Legoland recently opened their largest park in Florida and they have been getting so… 

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On Vacation: Kissimmee


I don’t think my kids realize how lucky they are. Not only are we leaving town for a spontaneous vacation–we get to check out all kinds of amazing attractions in the Kissimmee/Orlando area as I blog for the Kissimmee Visitors and Convention Bureau. Be sure to check out their website with stories of our adventures… 

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