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CrossFit: My New Adventure

I am trying something new in the quest to get and stay fit.


Have you heard of it?

It is crazy.

The place that I go is in a small warehouse and when you walk in it is kind of hard to figure out what you could possibly do there.  There are no treadmills, no bikes, no TV screens.  It is a space filled with kettlebells, bars, gymnastic rings, tires (yes, you heard me right), and other odds and ends that I haven’t had a chance to experience first hand.  It looks like you are in someone’s dirty old garage–with spray painted motivational quotes all over the walls.

The most amazing thing about it is the workout—it is always something new.  In the above picture, I am pushing this “sled” that weighs about 100 pounds, back and forth, back and forth–as fast as I can. It is harder than it sounds. The other day we did a bunch with the kettlebells and though it didn’t seem like that much when I was there–as I left my arms started shaking from overexertion.   I started about a month ago and have been sore all over my body ever since. Good sore.

Crossfit is considered all over body training and includes lots of work with weights, body weights and high intensity interval training.  Last week, we were doing some crazy squat type things, pull-ups (extremely modified for me), pushing and pulling heavy things around the space. Every time I talk to Aaron about it he tells me it sounds like cleaning out the garage. And, maybe it does–but it is cleaning out the garage with a coach who pushes you. He doesn’t let you just sit back and start looking at old photos. He makes you do one more repetition and adds heavier weights when you think it wouldn’t be possible.

The place I go is small. The groups that workout are small. There are huge muscle guys and huge muscle girls–but there are also just a bunch of regular people too. People who want to be strong and do amazing things with their bodies.

If you are curious, I highly recommend checking it out. It will get you out of that whole “exercise routine” rut.