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Dolphins, Orcas and Humpback Whales

Since we started our paddleboarding business almost four years ago, I have been watching lots and lots of videos of paddling in different locations. It is a bit of wanderlust but I also think of it as research. Research on beautiful paddling locations and on the cool animals we might see there. I am a marine biologist too so it really is partly research.

It is so amazing to me all of the video footage we get these days of really rare events. Ten years ago, we just didn’t have the technology to get these shots. Things like Go Pros, drones and iphones have really changed our perception of the world. I am really trying to post everyday and since I am working on a couple of recipes, editing photos of our most recent trip and working on series about blogging as a business–I don’t have much to say today. Instead, I thought I would share these videos with you!

The video above shows a couple kayaking in Monterey Bay, California. They were out enjoying a nice day of whale watching when a humpback whale breached ONTO their kayak. INSANE. I can’t even imagine. This is something we think about a lot when taking clients out (especially on our Alaska trip) but we have never had an encounter like this one. Luckily, they were OK. I especially love the photo near the end where they are smiling from ear to ear. What a story to tell!

Pod of Orcas Surround Kayakers

Pod of Orcas Surround Kayaks in San Juan Islands

This video isn’t available to embed in this post but it is well worth the click to go over to YouTube and watch it. Paddling with orcas is my dream so this video is definitely my highlight from the week. We are also planning to add a San Juan Islands paddleboard trip to our calendar so this looks especially cool.

These girls get the treat of their life while paddling kayaks in the San Juan Islands in Washington State. About 30 orcas, surround them and swim right on by…including at least one that breaches next to them. The kayaker said: ” This was seriously one of the most amazing days of my life. It was a once in a lifetime experience that I’ll treasure forever. I was excited beyond belief and I almost felt like I had superhuman powers after our morning kayaking adventure, haha. It really is transformative to have such an experience. I hope you enjoy and pass along!”

Dolphin Body Slams Surfer

What about this one capturing a dolphin knocking a paddleboarder off his board while surfing a wave? The dolphin was surfing and launched out of the water and directly into the boarder and it was all caught on the GoPro. We have been seeing lots of dolphins out there lately but nothing like this. I’m sure the dolphin felt bad about it but clearly the surfer was in the wrong.

Just for fun, here is a picture of my husband, Aaron, surfing small waves at Hanaeli Bay on Kauai. Each year the business takes a trip to Kauai–to paddle the Na Pali Coast and the rivers of the area–and this year one of his clients snapped this shot. I think it perfectly captures the beauty of Hawaii and his passion for surfing!

surfing, kauai, hanalei bay, surfitusa