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Fit Club Friday!

**We interrupt the Watermelon Recipes for an ever important workout post.  One more watermelon recipe tomorrow.**

The Olympics inspired me to workout and in honor of them I am going to start something new here on this site…..  Fit Club Fridays!

I’ve been having a hard time since I quit CrossFit trying to figure out a workout schedule for the week.  And….if I don’t have a workout schedule I end up wandering around the gym or skipping my workout time–because I don’t know what to do.

So…on Fit Club Fridays, I will be posting my workout goals for the next week.  Friday to Friday.  Incorporating the ever difficult weekend days.   I am hoping that you all will join me and help recommend workouts, videos, classes etc.   I would also love to hear about the workouts you have planned for the week.  For now, post your workouts and thoughts to the comment section and I am going to work on getting it better organized on the site.  We can also connect and encourage each other on Twitter and Facebook.  Let’s encourage each other….

I’ve got some goals for September including running at least 30 miles this month and getting on the paddleboard at least 4 times .

Let’s help each other get healthier!

Here are my planned workouts for August 3rd- August 10th:

Friday, August 31: Treadmill Speed Workout:  Warm-Up for 8 min (11 min pace), 8- 2 minute repeats at 9:30 pace (or faster if possible), Cool down for 8 minutes at 10:00 pace) + Attempts at pull-ups

Saturday, September 1:  Casual Neighborhood Jog: 2-3 miles @ 10 minute pace

Sunday, September 2:   Rest

Monday, September 3: Les Mills Muscle Works Class @ YMCA–OR–depending on our Labor Day plans, a paddleboard session

Tuesday, September 4: Swim Workout: 1 hour casual swim, freestyle and breaststroke.  (need advice on swimming workouts! never quite know what to do.)

Wednesday, September 5: Yoga!

Thursday, September 6: Boxing Class (morning) and 3 mile run (evening)

Friday, September 7: Kettlebell Workout:  12 reps of each with 20 pound KB: around the body, swings, figure 8, half get-ups, windmill, squats, one armed row, and one armed press.

What are you workout plans for the next week?  What are your favorite full body workouts? What are your August health and fitness goals?