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Fooling around with Photography….

I guess there comes a point in every bloggers life that they realize the photos they are taking just aren’t that good.  I have recently realized this as every photo I submit to the food photo website get declined.  At first, I felt scorned.  Rejected and sad.  Now, I feel challenged.

I realize that I am not a trained food stylist, an artist, or a professional photographer.  But, I want to learn.  I want to learn to take amazing photos of food, people, things, anything and everything!

Aaron is an artist—someone who works with images day in and day out and he sees things that I just don’t.   He has taken to looking at each of my photographs and letting me know how I could make them better.  Things that I hadn’t even seen before–composition, lighting, overexposure.

I bought a DSLR this November (as a reward for running the NYC marathon) and I thought the camera itself would solve all of my camera woes.  It hasn’t.  I haven’t taken the time to read through the owners manual or even  played around with all of the functions the camera has.  That is the first thing on my photography to do list.

I have been playing around with Photoshop a little bit and I now can tell how Photoshop can make photos better.

For example, I thought this was a great photo.

But, after a few tweaks, I came up with this photo.  I can still see problems with the washed out background but her skin tones and hair tones look so much more natural in the second photo.  Don’t you think?

And, I look at some of my older food photos…, this one…..and wonder, how I could have ever thought this was a good photo.

Compared to this……which I think is great, but has been declined by every food site out there.  (Maybe in a couple of months, I will understand why they didn’t like this but for now I just don’t. )

Maybe after playing around with my camera, figuring out Photoshop, and lots and lots of practice–I’ll be able to take photos like this.

Right now, I am fooling around with photography.  I am reading my manual, perusing the B&H catalog, and playing with Photoshop, camera settings and lightings.  I’ve got a lot to learn but learning is fun!

NOTE:  For now, I plan to include my photography related posts on the Fun section of Forty Cakes.  If photography seems to take over my life–I’ll create a new section for that stuff.  I would love anyone’s advice, comments, suggestions on my photography journey!