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Grandma Mary’s Memorial

One of the main reasons for our recent Hawaii trip was to remember my husbands grandmother, Mary Viola Pollard who died almost two years ago.  She donated her body to the researchers at the University of Hawaii School of Medicine and they had only recently finished doing their research.

Grandma Mary was 98 when she passed and had lived a very full life–as a nurse during World War II, raising her only son, helping to raise her grandchildren, and being around to meet and interact with all of her great grandchildren.  The memorial celebration was not a sad affair at all–we were all happy to remember her as we knew her and to celebrate her life.

Because she was a nurse during World War II, she was offered a space at the Punchbowl Memorial Cemetery and a special Navy flag ceremony.  The Punchbowl National Cemetery is  really beautiful and it was so nice to honor Grandma Mary in such an amazing way.

The kids sat around and quietly watched as the Navy men slowly and meticulously folded a flag,

and presented it to my father-in-law.

The family told stories about Grandma Mary and then my father-in-law played her favorite song on the ukulele.

Soon after, the family boarded a boat and set out to scatter her ashes in the Pacific Ocean, as per her wishes.

We decided to scatter her ashes  (and plumeria gathered from trees she had planted) offshore of the families favorite beach,

Grandma Mary’s wish was that her son and daughter in law would swim in the ocean where her ashes were scattered.

It was a really beautiful moment and even more amazing that my mother-in-law actually jumped in–the water was deep and you could tell that she was nervous but this was  Grandma Mary’s  final wish and something to be honored.

The whole week of memory for Grandma Mary was really special–something that was important for family to attend and something wonderful for the little ones to be a part of.

Aloha Grandma Mary…..You are missed.