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Happy Birthday Bean!

Nine years ago, today, I had my first baby.  We were living in Hawaii at the time and I expected my labor and delivery to begin and end in the water.  Nothing worked according to plan but after a long, tiring ordeal, my first son was born.

You know how everyone tells you that the time goes by too fast?  I will have to agree with them.  Like a flash, my baby is 9!  And, in another flash he will be off to college.  (I am prepping him now to go to college in NYC so I can move there right along with him).

To celebrate the Bean, I wanted to share 9 things about him:

1) He LOVES video games.  To the point that he gets crazy about them.  I think this is normal with most boys of this age, right?  Once, he asked me what the word “drunk” meant.  I said, “It is when you drink too much beer or wine and your brain starts to feel weird and you end up doing silly things.” His response:  “Oh, that’s what it feels like when I play to much video games.”

2) He just finished the Harry Potter series of books.  And though, he is excited about visiting Harry Potter World–I think he really just liked having some nice long books to read.  He cried when he finished the “Percy Jackson” series.  Not because the book ended badly, but because his foray into their world was over.

3) He loves being out in nature—picking up bugs, running down the beach, hiking in the woods, finding animals.  He will notice the smallest details on the wings of bugs, point out beautiful flowers, or interesting animal noises.

4) He likes money.  He is always trying to figure out how to get more–either through chores or scheming.  He seems to find money on the ground more than other people and just never wants to spend it. About every other day, he reminds me how much I owe him for this or that.   I think he will be an inventor.

5) He is on the swim team and hates it.  For some reason, Aaron insists that the kids swim.  The Bean goes to practice almost everyday and really hasn’t been complaining about it lately.  He is a good swimmer—but even I can see how boring that sport would be for young kids.  Back and forth, back and forth—its enough to drive you crazy!  However, he is on the soccer team and loves it.  And, everyday after school he wants to toss the football around.

6) His best friends at school are Jake, Sydney and Caitlin.  His best friend at home is his sister Rosie.

7) He gets really worried about things.  “Is my report card signed and in my backpack?” “Did you give me money for my field trip?”” Is Dad going to get lost at the airport?”  “Rosie, don’t run the floor is wet and you might fall.”  He has always been the one that reminds me of things, tries to be safe about things, and pays attention to details.

8 ) He loves to cook with me.  Rosie could care less –but the Bean was in the kitchen with me on Thanksgiving.  He made two pies by himself!

9)  He is very concerned about people being nice and being nice to people.  Recently, when one soccer kid tried to steal his soccer ball, I said, “Just be aggressive and get it back!”  He said, calmly, “No Mom, that wouldn’t be nice.”  He likes nice people and dislikes that ones that are “not nice”.  Very simple parameters for making friends.

He is my sweet baby boy and I love him!

Happy Birthday Bean!