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Happy New Year!

All right, all right, I realize its a little late and that I haven’t posted since before Christmas…BUT, I have been thinking about you, dear blog readers, for awhile now.  Its just that—I took a week off of work and though I did a lot of cooking, reading, watching movies ( I SAW A GROWN UP MOVIE IN THE THEATER!), and lots of TV (love, love, love Breaking Bad),  I just never really felt like busting out my computer and writing it all out.  I had the best intentions, really I did.  Just no follow through.   I really think I need the super structure of my normally super micro managed life to actually get anything done.  If I have it on a checklist, I do it.  Unfortunately, I didn’t make any checklists during my vacation so I didn’t do much.

Anyway, so here it is.  The new year.  Time for getting back to work on my goals and dreams and enough sitting around feeling sorry for myself.  And, I really have been lately.  For some reason, I am having a harder time than normal coming up with goals and plans for the new year.  Sure, I have a list of things I want to do, places to visit, self and home improvement projects I want to tackle.  Ambitious blogging goals.  Ambitious family dream type goals–but, all them seem so complicated.  Hopefully, it is just a funk that I will pass through with ease.  I need to work on making my lists and getting through them–who cares if my goals are so random and disconnected.  Gotta start somewhere, right?

I do have one big goal for the new year.   I will tell you if you promise not to laugh, wonder if I am crazy or warn me of imminent paralysis (mom!). *

By December 31, 2012—-I want to be able to walk on my hands for 20 feet. You know, do a handstand and then walk.  20 feet.  Across a room, the beach or my yard.

“Why?”, you may ask yourself, “would this 37 year old, mother of two even care to be able to do something so childish?”

My reasoning goes something like this:  Every year, I commit to getting into shape.  And, as races are run or pounds come off, I still don’t really feel as if I have made any progress.  I should have run faster.  I should have lost more weight or kept it off longer.    I should have eaten healthier.  I should have worked out harder.  I find myself making the same goals year in and year out.  Each year, I start fresh with heavier weights and faster treadmill paces.  And, then I get bored.

The handstand idea is a way to actually prove to myself that I am stronger, fitter and healthier than the previous year.  Doing a handstand with extra pounds won’t be easy.  So, some of that will have to go.  Walking on my hands with a weak core–just won’t work.  So, core strengthening will need to be involved.  To me, there are lots of little aspects of walking on my hands that will require me to work on my health and fitness.  And, I think it sounds like a fun goal.  One that I will be happy to work on–day in and day out. Fun–another key to my life in 2012.  Having a bit more fun with my life.

As a side note, I am also going to try to regain some back flexibility and would like to be able to do a full bridge by the end of the year.

And, if I am really dreaming big…….I may even be able to conquer this weird looking pose.

There it is.  I have divulged my new years goal to you all–something my mother warned me not to do.

I will be updating those little lists at the bottom of the blog–places I hope to travel to, foods I want to cook, and things I want to do lists if you are interested in what I will be working on this year.

Wishing you all a FUN,  happy and healthy  new year!