Kids and Dogs

I Need A Babysitter!

Kids and Dogs

Don’t worry, I am not sending my babysitter requests out on the internet. No way. But, I do need a babysitter. Since we have moved to Florida, we have made friends with other families that watch our kids when we want to go out (which is rarely, unfortunately). However, it seems that all of the families have much more active social lives than we do and usually have something planned on the days we ask to do a kid swap.

My friends that do have quality sitters are reluctant to give out the info–because once you have a great sitter, you never want to share, right? We do have a great nanny that we can call but at $15 per hour, an evening out can get expensive fast.

Back to needing a babysitter–Aaron is in the process of starting a business and we need lots of kid free time to get things organized. There is only so much time we want them sitting in front of the computer screen. And, lately there has been a lot of computer time.

So, I am on the lookout for a GOOD babysitter. One that will play with the kids (you know creative imaginative play), who will clean the kitchen and cook them a nice healthy meal? (We did have one girl once who made them chicken before it was fully thawed–the outside was cooked and the inside was frozen. I don’t even want to mention what happened when she watched the dogs.)

I need some leads on a babysitter. Do you have one? One that you don’t mind sharing? Please pass along her number!

Oh, and maybe you really, really love your babysitter…..why not show them how you feel by nominating them for Sitter City’s 2013 America’s Top Sitter contest. One lucky sitter will win $5000—and I know if I had one that I loved–I would really want them to win!

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