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Legoland Florida

The countdown begins….in less than 100 days, Legoland Florida will open! We are very excited…..we have never been to Legoland and the kids, especially, The Bean has been begging to go.

From what I have heard about Legoland, it is a great family friendly park and all of the rides are appropriate for the 2-12 year old set.  Which means no one has to sit out because they are too short or too scared.  The whole family should be able to enjoy it all together.

The crews continue to build the attractions and rides in anticipation of an October 15, 2011 opening date.  I just love this photo of the building of the Grand Central Station Mini-land–partially because I love NYC and because the construction worker looks like a giant.  What a fun job—building Legoland!  It would be the Bean’s dream come true.  (Actually, as I type this he is building a computer out of Legos.)

If you are planning a trip to the Orlando area in the fall, start planning now to include Legoland!  The park will initially be closed a couple of days a week and will have very limited opening hours–check their website to make sure to plan ahead.

Legoland Florida:

Their website has a wealth of information including tickets sales, park hours, and directions.