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Legoland! Legoland Florida!

During our spontaneous vacation,  we knew we would need to make the trek to Legoland.  From Kissimmee, the trip is about 45 minutes-an easy drive especially if you have tired kids in the car.  (Hopefully, they are sleeping instead of screaming.)

Legoland recently opened their largest park in Florida and they have been getting so much attention, that we felt we needed to go.

The rides are all designed to appeal to the 2-12 year old set and nothing is too scary or too adventurous.  (Although, I thought some looked a little scary.)

The kids loved this place.  They got to drive their own cars!  They got to drive their own boats!

And, because the park wasn’t very crowded, they had more of a free range than they normally do at theme parks.

My favorite attraction was the Legoland Mini–miniature recreations of famous landmarks including, New York City, Washington DC and Las Vegas.

They  even recreated various landmarks from around Florida including the Spanish Fort in St. Augustine, Kennedy Space Center,  Miami, and the Florida Keys.  It is very cool.  The Bean wanted to sit there and try to figure out how he could recreate them at home.

This was the kids favorite ride.  The Beetle Bounce–which is a much, much, much milder version of the Tower of Terror.  It basically brings them up to about thirty feet and then randomly drops them down.  They loved it! And, I gladly had to stand back and take photos.

I let the kids bring birthday money to spend  at the Legoland Store–but the place was crazy.  We headed to the store at closing time, and so did everyone else.  Next time, I might visit the store during a lunch time lull or skip it all together.  They do have some neat stuff but a lot of the stuff they have you can find at most retail stores or on

I caution visitors to the park to make sure to check their calender.  They are usually closed on Tuesday and Wednesday and their operating hours are much more limited than other theme parks.

Coming soon:  Legoland Water Park!  I think I read that it opens this summer.  Now, that will be a lot of fun!

Have you been to Legoland Florida?  What did you think?

Disclaimer:  I received complimentary admission to Legoland Florida but all opinions are my own.