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Mikey’s Peanut Butter Pie

Last Friday, the blogosphere was alive with peanut butter pies made for Mikey, the husband of a fellow blogger, Jennie Perillo, who died suddenly of a  heart attack.  In her blog post about her husband, she requested that people honor him and their family by making Mikey’s favorite pie– creamy peanut butter pie,—and  made the plea for people to hold their loved ones tight and make sure they know how much you care.

I don’t know Jennie-except through her Twitter feed- but I felt such a sadness for her and her family and felt the need to do something.  Many others across the food blogging world felt the same and an overwhelming amount of posts and pies were published in honor of Mikey and Jennie and their families.

The kids and I made Mikey’s pie on Saturday.  The Bean was responsible for cracking peanuts and melting chocolate.  Rosie was the crust maker.

I explained to the kids why we were making this particular pie and the Bean really felt that we shouldn’t eat it ourselves but deliver it to Jennie and her family.  If we couldn’t hand deliver it, he wanted to mail it to them. We had good discussions on ways to honor someone even if you never knew them.  We also talked about life, death, love, and family.

We made this pie for Mikey and Jennie and their children—a family suburban Florida, touched by another bloggers story –wanting to do something-anything–to help.  I think of this as a giant hug through the interwebs from our family to theirs.

You can read more about Mikey’s Peanut Butter Pie here.

As a side note, the pie was a big hit and will likely make it into our families repertoire.  Every time we make it, we will think of Mikey and Jennie, a family we never knew but felt connected to anyway.