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Mt. Rainier

When we were in Washington last week, we were able to squeeze in a quick trip to Mt. Rainier.  The weather was so beautiful, the air so crisp and clear, and the kids were in great moods. It was perfect.

I don’t have much to say about Mt. Rainier except that it meant a lot to my family when we were growing up.  I remember living in Texas for my middle school years and then my parents annoucned we would be moving back to Washington.  “Why?”, I asked my dad.  He replied that he missed his mountain.

We also had a family tradition of hiking up to the glacier lookout point and getting someone on the trail to take our family picture.  I have those hanging on my wall.  We did that this time too–with my dad, the kids and I.  The resulting photo looks similar to the photos on my wall—except the glacier is much smaller and I am  bigger.  (But, I think I can pass for my mom.)

I have family memories of camping here, learning to cross country ski, snowshoeing, and just hiking.  It is a special place for my sister, my brother and I-and I want it to be special to the Bean and Rosie too.

We did a four mile hike uphill to the glacier lookout but were treated to snow patches, wildflowers, and a marmot sighting.  The kids were SO DISAPPOINTED that we did not summit the mountain that day.  From where we were, they thought we could just wander up to the top of the peak.  Both the Bean and Rosie have decided that we will climb to the top someday.  Seems like a good goal-don’t you think?

I feel so bad that there are people who have grown up in Washington and have never been to Mt. Rainier (or to any of the amazing mountains there).  It looms large on those rare sunny days and begs for people to come and explore, to enjoy the natural world, and to leave recharged and refreshed.

If you live in the Pacific Northwest or are planning a visit, please go to the mountain.  There is something about the air, the massive-ness of the volcano, and the beauty that makes you feel good.

Please go and let me know about your trip—I would love to hear about it.

Soundtrack:  I was listening to Bon Iver, “For Emma, Forever Ago” while I wrote this post.  It reminds me of Washington–the seasons, the rain, and my old friends.