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My experience with a Juice Cleanse!

Juice Cleanse
Last week, I started a three day juice cleanse.  I was hoping for a few things as a result of the cleanse namely, a little weight loss, a detox from my crazy sugar addiction, clear skin and boundless energy.  Juice cleanses seems to be the rage these days and they all tout those things.  I decided to go with a local juice supplier, Sara Fresh Juice (in Sarasota, Florida), as I didn’t want my busy lifestyle to get in the way.  I wanted to pay my money, get my juice and then have a healthy three day cleanse.  

I started my cleanse on a Tuesday morning but I had given up coffee the Saturday before and I was really feeling the effects of the caffeine withdrawal.  Regardless, I was kind of excited that first day to try all of the different juices I had waiting for me.

Juice Cleanse 2

For $60 per day, you get 6 bottles of juice and Sara Fresh  recommends drinking them about every two hours.  I have to admit I was not hungry at all.   There were times I wanted to eat, but I really think that was more due to habit and wanting to eat with  my family, rather than drink my juices.

The first day was the easiest for me.  Like I mentioned, I was really excited to try out the different juices and looked forward to each one throughout the day.  I did feel a little achy and sick but I attributed that to the lack of coffee and influx of major amounts of nutrients and vitamins.

Juice Cleanse 3

The second day was a bit harder.  My aches and pains seemed to get worse and I really did not like some of the juices.  When I talked to Lynn at SaraFresh about that she mentioned that those were probably the ones I needed most.  And, she is probably right.  I had not problem with the Papaya Smoothie or the Lemon Ginger Aid but the Kale, Collards, Cilantro, Cucumber and Lemon was a little bit harder to handle.  I really thought I would crack on that second evening.  I wanted to eat chips with the kids.  I wanted to eat food.  Real food.  Aaron was a really good supporter and he kept telling me to just stick to it–that I could handle it, no problem.


The third day, I was not hungry at all and I didn’t want to drink my juices either.  Instead of my six juices, I drank three.  Only my favorites and pawned the others off on Aaron.  I really thought I could continue on the cleanse for a longer period of time.  Thoughts of doing it for a week or two weeks entered my mind.  I had this!  No problem!

But, the idea of food got the best of me .  I broke my cleanse after the third day with a small bowl of brown rice and I was so excited to eat it.  It was warm, it had texture, it had salt!

Juice Cleanse 1

All in all, I lost six pounds (although it was mostly water), did have more energy, and felt great during the cleanse.  I do want to add green juice to my diet as I think that is a really good way for me to make sure to get my green nutrients in.  Aaron even liked it and wants to buy a juicer for the house.

SaraFresh Juice can be found at Detwilers Produce, Louie’s Modern and at the Sarasota Farmers Market.  I went last weekend and she had a Pina Colada (coconut water, young Thai coconut, and pineapple juice)–so good!  I had to fight Nova for it.

I would love to hear your experience with a juice cleanse.  How long did you do it?  What results did you see? Would you do it again?