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On our way to Hawaii!

For the next ten plus hours we will be sitting down–trying to read, draw, color, watch movies, play video games, nap, chat, snack and be pleasant in a tiny enclosed space.  But, to reward us for our good behavior, we will be dropped off in Honolulu and our grand Hawaiian vacation can begin!

We have all been looking forward to this trip and now that we have found a loyal and trust-worthy house/dog sitter, all of my worries are eliminated.

I am planning on really using Twitter while we are vacationing—To tweet about our adventures and I will be updating Forty Cakes on a regular basis.  I may MIA for a few days as I head out of the country but if the internet access is cheap and available—I may be online there as well.

So, keep reading and if you have any must see places and things to do in Hawaii (Oahu)–let us know.  We have our favorites already lined up but we are always willing and eager to find a new place and new fun things to do.