burnt white chips
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One down, 39 more to go…..

I did it! I made my first of 40 cakes……and this one met all of my criteria.

It was…..

1) Made from quality ingredients: For this recipe, I had to go to three different stores to track down quality white chocolate and crystallized ginger. And quality equals pricey; I spent about $25 for all of the special ingredients that I didn’t already have.

2) Simple in form: Yep, just a cake with frosting (and a little bit more).

3) Family/friend connection: My husband loves the Starbucks version of these and I thought he might need some extra sugar to keep him alive these last few weeks of school.

4) Cakes that push my comfort level-both in creating,: The cake and frosting were fairly easy to put together—no problems there. But, once the cake is frosted, the directions state to “drizzle melted white chocolate chips on the cake using a cake decorating bag.” Well, melting the white chips (they aren’t chocolate so why do we even call them that?) was not easy for me. I tried in the microwave once and got this result.
burnt white chips

I tried once on the stove and got another horrible burnt mess –that is still waiting for attention. Finally, my last attempt in the microwave worked OK. Instead of the cake decorating bag (I have one but it seemed like a hassle), I tried to drizzle it on with a fork and resulted in some nice diagonal lines (very artsy!) and some huge globs of white (not artsy!).
cake2 globs
Another problem I ran across was the pan. I have very few cake pans, actually very few pans of any kind. So, I had to use what I have and that was a 9×9 square pan. I am now adding to my wish list a 9×13 inch pan which would have made these a bit thinner and more like the bliss bars from Starbucks.

5) and eating: This one pushes my comfort level for sure! It is filled with cranberries and candied ginger (which are a good combination) but it also contains a bunch of white chocolate (which I hate!) and cream cheese (which I don’t love). My husband described it as kind of “like a cheesecake with an extra thick crust.” (I think I am the only person alive that does not like cheesecake.)

Here is the finished product:


I was a good sport and tried a small slice, for the sake of experimentation, and did not love it. However, my family did and was begging for more. If you like white chocolate, cranberries and cream cheese—you will like this.

If not, check back for more adventures in cake-baking. Later this week, I’ll be making something for Rosie’s school Thanksgiving potluck. (I’m thinking something apple-y or pumpkin-y, and a bit more pretty.)