Kids in Pool 4
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Pool Party with Forrest

My brother is back.  He was gone for 3 months, traipsing around Europe, most specifically the Czech Republic and the kids missed him every single day.

He is the kind of uncle that really plays with the kids.  Not just the casual “Hey, Kid” kind of uncle—but the kind to really dig in the dirt, build bow and arrows, do weird experiments.  If they want to play, so will he.

He gets into it.  He is like a big kid.

While we were anxiously awaiting Tropical Storm Isaac to give us a windy, rainy day—the kids were playing in the pool.  Forrest gently guided the Bean to the deep end where he planned to throw him in.  During this time, I was busy getting lunch ready for the crazy house but I took a time out to sneak behind Forrest.

As soon as he pushed the Bean in the water, I made my move and pushed and shoved him until he lost his balance and went in the pool too.  Score 1 for me!

Forrest ended up staying in the pool with the kids for about an hour.

Throwing them.

Flipping them.

Twisting them in mid-air.

At one point, he decided to use the surfboard to launch them through the air.

With each kid, there was a certain point where they would see how high they were and their arms would flail, their mouths would open….it was fun to watch.

The kids would race out of the pool screaming, “Again. Again.”  It would have gone on forever and ever if Forrest had not gotten too tired to play anymore.

Fun Uncle Forrest…..soon he will be off to some new phase in his life and we will miss having him around—always ready to play.  At least for now though, I can look at these photos and be happy with the fact that the kids have many happy memories of fun times with their uncle.

And, they will be perfectly comfortable with him when I drop them off at his house for the summer!

I feel sorry for whoever his future wife may be……she will forever be begging him to stop playing with the kids.  I don’t feel sorry for his future kids, however, they will have the most fun Dad ever.