Review: Sittercity Babysitting App


Awhile back, I was asked to test out the new Sitterati BabySitting app…a tool that has been designed to make it easier for parents to find and use babysitters, and to keep a nice and tidy little schedule of who will be watching our kids and when. The app is pretty nifty, I thought, but I don’t really use sitters very often and when I do, it is usually a phone call and a handful of cash–instead of online scheduling and paying. So, I realized pretty quickly that I wouldn’t really be using this app for personal babysitting type things.

However, my husband and I have recently started a business, called SURFit USA, and we will be offering summer camps this summer. 8 weeks of kids on the beach–learning stand up paddleboarding and surfing on the beautiful Florida beaches. And, that is where I think Sitterati can help us. The classes are being taught by my husband and we need to hire some young people to work alongside him and I had been racking my brains on how exactly to go about this–and I think Sitterati can help. Sitterati can help us find sitters and though we aren’t looking for sitters necessarily, we are looking for people who are good with kids and have experience working with them. Sitterati can develop schedules!
This is great because I anticipate that we will need to find a few different people to cover all of the weeks of the summer. My favorite aspect is that you can create a job and send it to all of your potential workers/sitters and they can accept or decline. You don’t have to send around lots of text messages or hang out on the phone all day.

Also, you can pay through Sitterati! Once your sitter/worker has a profile, you can send them money. No more searching for cash for the sitter and for our business it will help a lot. We are trying to streamline every aspect of our money process and paying through the app will be a great time saver and a good way to keep records (something I am very bad at doing).

I am quite excited to use this tool as a means to help out the business—-I think it will work perfectly.

How will you use the Sitteratti app? Do you think it seems like a useful tool or just another thing to have to remember your passwords for?