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Sarasota Chalk Festival 2011

Today, in between painting and major cooking production–Rosie and I headed downtown to check out the annual Sarasota Chalk Festival.  As you can imagine, on a beautiful Florida autumn day, the place was packed.  Packed with people viewing and some amazing artists displaying their talents.

The art was widely varied….

There were the realists….

the messages…..

the bright….

and the playful.

There were romantic drawings…..

and fantasy scenes.

My favorite, and likely the favorite of the show…was this sketch by artist Leon Kerr brought to life in 3D.  I am still so confused about how the artists are able to make it seem as if the pieces are coming out of the ground with the use of perspective.  Just look at how awesome of a job he did….

And if you walk to the opposite side of the drawing….

you see this.

Like I said, I don’t understand how they can do this.    Very cool.

One thing that I found interesting was the use of Lego men in this drawing.   Recently, in Sarasota, a giant Lego man, standing 6 feet tall and weighing 100 pounds washed up on the beach. The Sarasota police took it to jail and now are holding it until the owner turns up.  I’m wondering if the artist that did this piece has something to do with the giant Lego man.  Hmmmm….maybe I should be a detective and get to the bottom of the Lego Man mystery. I guess someone else already has the same theory…..and I thought I had a special talent.

Anyway, Rosie and I had a great time at the chalk festival and even go to do a little drawing of our own.  One thing that I really appreciated about the festival was that it really was about the art.  There were no vendors selling crafts or other such things—except the occasional drink stand–which really made it possible to focus on the art. The downside–it was crowded.  But, it wasn’t too bad and it just means that Sarasota supports the arts –which is all I really want anyway.

Happy Daylight Savings Time Day!