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Sarasota Restaurants: Carmel Food and Wine



We live in North Sarasota and sometimes we just want to go out for a good drink and good pupus (Hawaiian for appetizers) without having to trek all the way downtown.  We were just discussing it the other day and the only place we could think of close by was Carmel.  I think they appeal to us so much because they have a lot of options that are served small plate style and we love to try lots of different things!

Luckily, we were there a few weeks ago to try their new spring menu.  I love restaurants that change their menu with the seasons–to incorporate fruits and veggies that are in season and just bring a freshness to their repertoire.


I started my dinner with a drink that I had tried at Eat Here and loved.  The Bees Knees, is a combination of honey, gin and lemon.  I love this drink even though gin is not normally my drink of choice.  It is light and sweet but not too sweet.  A perfect spring/summer time cocktail.


One of our favorite things was the fried feta and the roasted sweet red peppers filled with goat cheese.  I feel bad that I couldn’t get a great photo of either of them.  They were so good though–I’ve already bought the peppers to make them at home.


I ordered the sea bass and wished I hadn’t.  Don’t get me wrong….it was great but I really enjoyed the small plates and I wish I would have just ordered more of those.  I didn’t even tell you about the port belly appetizers!  They were so good–we were fighting over them.


Our kids came along because Carmel is a great restaurant for kids–not only do they have lots of kid friendly options–they give the table iPads and the kids just love that.  See, Nova shows exactly how to order while dining at Carmel.

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We also let Nova decide on a dessert for the table to share.  Out of some really amazing sounding chocolate-y desserts–she chose the poached pear.  It would never have been my first choice but I was so proud of her adventurous tastes and we all really liked it.  And, just look how pretty!