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Shopping Online….Using

I am an online shopper. Especially during the holidays. I don’t know how people ever had the time to go holiday shopping without this whole online shopping on your lunch break. That pressure cooker up above? I just bought it. Like ten seconds ago….Yay!

This year, however, we have run into a little problem. My VISA card has stopped working.

It really is no one’s fault but my own. I was supposed to activate my new card, but I let the kids remove that little sticker that explains how to activate the card before I did it…so….I am running around with an in-activated card and I can’t shop with it! I know I could call the bank and explain the situation–possibly get a new card…but, my bank is in Hawaii and we live in Florida so the time difference thing always messes me up. Not to mention, it is never something I even think about until I need to use my card. It is usually a life or death situation that requires me to pull out my card–like cute boots on sale or the newest cookbook releases. And…in those circumstances, I just call up my husband, and have him read off the card numbers over the phone.

It works.

Until it doesn’t. Maybe one misplaced number..or a wrong expiration date. Something. In those cases, I have to call him back, have him re-read the card numbers and try again. It happens more than you would think and it would seem that I would just take care of things, right? Not really. I don’t seem to work that way. Errgh. Those boots! I NEED them….

Ha Ha!

Anyway, I was asked to test out the new service by VISA called This allows you to input your VISA card information and then it is just there, safe and secure for you to make purchases from a variety of retailers. Through, the retailer never sees your credit card information, it all goes through the program as a third party. For those that are worried about security when shopping online, this might be a benefit.

It seems that this service will help me with my problem by allowing me to store our credit card number and I won’t have to call Aaron every five minutes when I want to make a purchase.

Here is the thing with the service… It’s fairly new. And, the retailers that currently accept it are limited. Of the list of retailers that accept it, only one ( was one that I had even heard of.

Others, like or are places that I might shop but I hadn’t heard of them. I actually did find some stuff I liked at Modnique….and I had to buy them test out the service.

Using the to purchase is simple as pie. Just click on that icon, enter your log in information, check everything out and then click confirm. Painless.

I assume that as the service grows and people become more and more comfortable with the whole virtual wallet thing, more and more retailers will be accepting this form of payment and it will be something that people will begin to look for.

I dunno….this was my first “virtual wallet” experience and I would say that, “It works for me!”. I can see it being kind of dangerous to my bank account if and when it is available via phone. Yikes!

This post is brought to you by by Visa. Online payment. Simple and secure.