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Still thinking of Japan…..

Even before all of the devastation in Japan, I had really been missing my time in Japan.  I moved there after college and taught English.  I loved it!

I lived with my best friend (and the most beautiful girl in the world), had a fun romance, and made a ton of money (for me, at the time, anyway).  I also completely fell in love with Japanese culture.  I loved taking the train anywhere and everywhere in Tokyo, loved the food and the shopping, and loved visiting the temples and learning new things.   And the people, I was amazed with how polite and orderly everything was.

The plan for this year was to take the kids to Tokyo after our trip to Hawaii–but unfortunately, we can’t do it this year both due to finances and the current situation there.

A few weeks ago, when I particularly missing Japan–I made this breakfast.  This was before the earthquake, tsunami and subsequent nuclear tragedy.   At the time, I really wanted to be  there again— to wake up in our tiny Hatagaya apartment, listen to Elliott Smith and eat a quick and easy Japanese breakfast.

Now, I want to be there for another reason entirely.  I want to track down old friends and make sure they are OK and offer assistance in anyway that I can.

After considering dropping everything and flying over and trying to help, I realized that the best way to help is financially.  Some bloggers have gotten together to raise money for Japan and you can contribute by visiting their site:    For Japan With Love. So far, the response has been amazing and it is truly awesome to see people come together to help each other.

Check out their website, make a donation, and then if you have old rice in your rice cooker, make yourself a delicious and simple breakfast and send good wishes across the Pacific.

1)  Get your ingredients ready.  Cold white rice (not any ol’ white rice–but Japanese white rice), egg, and about 1 tsp shoyu (soy sauce)

2) Fry your egg on a super hot surface.

3) After you flip your egg (and break your yolk if you wanna), add the shoyu. It should sizzle and caramelize with the heat and cause the greatest smell…..

4) Top your rice with the egg and eat.  Sprinkle with a little cilantro if you are feeling fancy.

5) Enjoy!