by Ludovic Bertron
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Tabata Tuesday – Stair Sprints

In honor of my renewed commitment to melt away my body fat quickly (particularly urgent after seeing pictures of myself at the beach recently), and also to satisfy my never-ending appetite for alliteration, I have decided to create a series entitled “Tabata Tuesday”. Hopefully it will inspire me to come up with fun, tough and short (20 minutes or less) Tabata and interval-style workouts weekly that can be done almost anywhere. I like mixing it up so that I don’t get bored!

Today’s Tabata Tuesday is all about Stair Sprints. I live in a two-story house, so I decided to take advantage of the stairs and create a heart-pounding Tabata-style workout:

Tabata 1- stairs (4 minutes)
20 sec- sprint up stairs, jog back down safely
10 sec- total rest
repeat for 8 total intervals

rest: 2 minutes

Tabata 2- body weight (4 minutes)
*10 sec rest between each of the following:
20 sec- jump squats
20 sec- push ups (knees or full)
20 sec- bodyweight squats
20 sec- alternating punches
20 sec- burpees
20 sec- side skaters
20 sec- upper cuts (punches)
20 sec- high knees

by Ludovic Bertron

I like this!!!

Most smartphones have a free Tabata timer that you can download which will prompt you to start and stop. A workout like Tabata 2 is a little tougher to follow since the exercises change each time, and I was so out of breath I didn’t want to have to think ahead during my short rests. However, my muscles were also exhausted and I needed to alternate the exercises to give my upper and lower body breaks. This entire workout lasted about 10 minutes… I had aspirations of doing another round of Tabata 1, but I don’t even want to walk up my stairs again tonight after the first round! My quads, heart and lungs all hated me during that workout. I found Tabata 1 tougher than Tabata 2- but both had me begging for mercy. As always, with Tabata, the point is to go “all out” – that 4 minutes should feel like an eternity!! If you have a favorite Tabata workout, feel free to share your favorite Tabata workout below. It might just become my next “Tabata Tuesday” workout….


Photo credit:  Ludovic Bertron