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These Shoes will Change my Life.

I have been in and out of a healthy life phase.  Last year (2010), I ran two marathons and was training the whole year.  This year, I can’t really think of anything I did to stay healthy.

I mean, I got my workouts in here and there but I was never really consistent.  And, if there is one thing that I have learned from my trainer, consistency is key.  Consistency with eating, with exercise both cardio and weights, regular rest, and time for just enjoying my life.

I don’t make new years resolution but I do take the time to think about goals.  Goals for the year, goals set off a couple of years.  Sometimes these goals are petty, e.g. make my own cheese.  Sometimes they are a bit loftier, e.g go to medical school.   While I haven’t sat down and really thought about my goals for 2012–a couple of thoughts keep popping into my head.  And, one keeps telling me that health and fitness needs to be key for 2012.  I know I am happier when I am active and being so busy has pushed these priorities to the back burner.

That’s where these shoes come in.  These are the “Five Finger Shoes” that are supposed to be great for runners and are all the rage in the outdoors-y fitness community.

I know this may sound weird but the other day, I was at the store and a woman came in wearing  the shoes--and you know what?  She reminded me of me.  Of the me, from a couple of years ago.  Of the me, from Hawaii and Washington–hiking, paddling, and swimming daily.  Of the me that ran marathons in the midst of domestic chaos.

She reminded me of the me I want to be.

So, I decided that I need to buy a pair of these special shoes to remind myself of who I am and how I want to live.  To remind myself to make time for me and my priorities.

These shoes will change my life.  Or, at least remind me that I can change my life.

Note:  After re-reading this, I realize how much feeling and emotion I link to shoes.  Odd, isn’t it?  Do other people do that?

Oh, and just so you know–no one paid me to write this.  Just my random thoughts on a random day.