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Waldorf Astoria NYC

A couple of weeks ago, my sister and I headed to NYC for a girls weekend away from the kids.  Thankfully, Aaron was able to hang out with the kids while we explored my favorite city.  Since moving to Sarasota, I have been to NYC every year.  This time last year, I was running the NYC marathon with my sister, mom and kids watching from the sidelines.  The year before that I took Aaron and the kids to the city for a NYC style Christmas.

Although going with the kids is great (the Bean and Rosie love the city), at times I felt kind of bogged down by them.  We couldn’t walk for hours and hours, stopping in to here and there, as I had before when I was in college.  We couldn’t stay out late and we had to think about keeping everyone warm, comfortable, and happy.  Sometimes, that can be hard to do.  So, a weekend trip with no kids, but promises of lots of presents, was in order.

The excuse for going was the BlogHer Writers Conference–and though I am glad I went to the conference, I had a better time just being in the city.  The first two nights we stayed at the Hilton NYC on Avenue of the Americas but for the last night I splurged and got us a room at the Waldorf Astoria.  I figured this kind of trip doesn’t come around very often–we may as well make it memorable.

We were both very excited to stay at the Waldorf.  Me, for its luxurious touches.  My sister, for the history surrounding the building.  My sister has always been quite obsessed with the past–the really old past.  She has always wanted to marry Bing Crosby and dance with Fred Astaire.  She is the kind of person that will bring home found items because they look “so old’.

I was sort of disappointed upon check-in.  I had requested a room upgrade but was told the hotel was fully booked and they couldn’t help us.  So, we were put in a room with one queen bed.  The room was little (as is usually the case in NYC)–but it was cute.  It was definitely old—and charming.

We didn’t any of the little personal touches that I had heard were standard at the Waldorf Hotels–things like glasses of champagne upon arrival, porters taking bags to our room, personalized stationary.

The all marble bathroom was nice.  If you are looking for a glamorous modern bathroom, this is not it.  However, if you are looking for a retro one-you have got it.  The toiletries were great–no tiny little one use bottles of shampoo and conditioner–but larger bottles for multiple uses.

Our room was not the perk of staying at the Waldorf Astoria–but wandering around the hotel was.  We spent hours walking down one hall or another–snapping photos of my sister channeling her 1940’s self.

It was great fun…

“Are you talking to me, darling?”

So sophisticated, so glamorous…so wrong with that huge black backpack.

I think we would both agree–staying at the Waldorf was worth the cost–for a one time thing.  We loved the history of the building but weren’t really impressed with anything else.

Have you stayed at the Waldorf Astoria NYC?  What did you think?