Watermelon Rind Juice 4
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Watermelon Rind Juice

Earlier in the summer, I was experimenting with juicing.  I tried all the basic fruits: apples, grapefruits; some veggies: carrots and kale.  While cutting up a watermelon for the kids, I wondered if it was possible to juice watermelon and more specifically, the rind.  I knew that pickled rind exists and felt bad throwing away so  much of a perfectly good watermelon.

After a quick google search, I was on my way.

According to the site I looked at (I cannot remember what it was…), juicing the rind is just as easy as juicing the rest of the watermelon.

Just cut off the green part of the rind……

Put in in your juicer and be ready to capture the sweet juicy juice.

That’s it!

We drank ours ice cold from the fridge and it was delicious.    I imagine if you added some vodka, some mint and some crushed ice you could make some pretty nifty cocktails.