What a long, long month it has been.

I have been cooking a bit but I have been having a hard time getting the time to edit photos, write recipes, and post them.  I am sorry for that.  It seems that I will go for a week or so of posting every day and then nothing….for a month.

“What has been going on?”, you may ask.

It seems like tons!

We painted our house.  Labor Day weekend project……just as we got started, I was getting so much grief from my brother and Aaron, that I decided to call someone.  We hired some guy off Craigslist to finish the job.  Not the classiest of guys, but he was able to finish it up and it does look pretty nice.  Unfortunately, I chose a color scheme that was very similar (or identical) to the color it was–so it doesn’t look much different from the road.  A bit cleaner, but that is about it.  I do like my new red door.  I think it adds a nice touch. However, it was a home improvement project that could have waited  and now I am super stressed about it because…..

Our transmission went out!!!! On our Honda Odyssey again.  AGAIN.  We fixed it about four years ago–replaced it completely and now it has happened again.  This has been a huge problem.  Over $2000 to fix and since we spent so much on painting the house, we just don’t have that extra cash.  I think it is time for a new car….but with our less than stellar credit we are not finding a very good interest rate.  I have been racking my brain for a way to go with only one car for awhile but it really is impossible since my office is so far away and the kids have their sports and school etc.  It is such a stressful headache.  For the last three weeks, we have been renting a car.  Talk about an expensive situation.

Our refrigerator ice maker broke, the Bean might need to have surgery (not a huge deal but something that is on my mind nonetheless), and Aaron’s animation work is very slowly trickling in.  Talk about 1st world problems.

In positive news….

We got a new puppy.  We have had her for about 10 days and she has gone through a series of names.  Hiccup, Nalu, Pua, Anna, Aloha.  We think we might be sticking with Aloha.  She is a funny, happy dog and is growing at the rate of about three pounds every ten days.  She is going to be a big girl.

I went to Miami for work and really, really liked it.  To me, it seemed like a larger Latin version of Honolulu.  I stayed in a nice area, went on nice runs and walks and really enjoyed myself.  We went to excellent restaurants including Jaguar, Bombay and Oasis Cafe.  I can’t wait to go back with the family.

Rosie has started her competitive gymnastics season.  She competed in a meet in Tampa a few weeks ago and we will be heading to Daytona Beach soon for another competition.  It is kind of fun.  Fun to watch her compete but it completly wipes out the weekend.

The Bean auditioned for a local performing/theater group and got in! He will be busy this year with Annie, The Little Mermaid and other plays.  He is pretty excited about it–although he gets nervous before every practice.

Like I said, I have been cooking….Vietnamese Banh Mi sandwiches, amazing chocolate rolls, pretzel wrapped veggie dogs, a variation on the slutty brownies and more.  I will post them soon.  I promise.

What else?  It just seems that so much has been crammed into the last month.  I am hoping/begging/praying for a calm October.  I want to bake bread, make soup, hang out at home and relax.

Hope all is well with you!