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Whole 30 Report: Day 1

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I really have no idea how this idea got into my brain.  I think I saw something on Twitter about someone starting the Whole 30 on June 1st and then thought–“I should do that!”  I did a little research on a few websites and voila!  I was ready to go.

What is the Whole 30 program?

Basically it is no grain, no sugar, no legume, no alcohol, limited fruit for 30 days.  For more information, check out their website or purchase the book that started it all.

My Goals:

– Need to really let go of the sugar monster. I am eating about 500-600 calories of sugary foods everyday. No wonder I am having issues with weight loss.

– Weight loss

– Mood moderation (I have been such a grump lately and I wonder if it is food related.  I hope it is because that is at least easy to change.)

I also am kind of excited about being more creative in the kitchen—that has been lacking for me since we started our business.

What did I eat?

Breakfast:  Two scrambled eggs with avocado and a couple slices of watermelon.

Lunch: Apple slices with almond butter.

Dinner:  Slow Cooker Turkey Chili with Avocado

Snacks:  Raw Almonds

How did I feel?

So far, so good.

Anything Else?

I was pretty proud of myself for not feeling intense sugar cravings. I am sure the apple and the watermelon helped with that.  Looking forward to tomorrow!