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Whole 30 Report: Day 4

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What did I eat?

Breakfast: two boiled eggs, banana, kombucha

Lunch: Carrot Cardamon Soup

Dinner: Tacos (with lettuce wraps)

How did I feel?

I had paddleboard race training class tonight and we were coached to go out about 45 minutes into the wind and then turn around and let the wind push us back.  It was HARD.  At a certain point, I felt lightheaded and I wasn’t sure if it was because I hadn’t eaten enough during the day or what.  I was very excited to go home and eat my tacos that Aaron made for me.

Anything else?

This is getting easier.  Cravings have subsided and I really proud of myself.  One of my friends had said that she had only eaten donut holes and pizza that day and I thought, “Normally, that would have been me too.” So happy that I started this!