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Working Out with The Dogs!

Our Three Dogs Cuddling.

We have three dogs now. Not sure how that happened exactly–but now, we have three. And, I don’t mean three little dogs.

Our Great Dane, Aloha is 150 pounds of endlessly needy love. She is always wanting everyone’s attention and is ALWAYS wanting love and pets. She is a big girl and gets tired out easily. Running about 15 minutes twice a day is plenty for her. The rest of the time she just likes to lay around. The ultimate couch potato!

Our other dog, Sushi we got after an impromptu visit to a dog rescue. She was so pretty. Her eyes were so sad. We had to bring her home. And, we did. She is the most dog-like of our dogs. She has a great hunting instinct (although we try to stifle it), is the first to notice a weird animal or person in our yard, and is the best listener. She is also the dog at the bottom of the dog hierarchy in the house. She eats last, she goes into and out of the house last and always takes her cues from the other dogs.

About two months ago, Aaron and I were driving down a dark road and almost hit a dog in the road. I had to stop to shoo the dog out of the road–I was worried she would be hit again. As soon as Aaron opened his car door, the dog jumped in and began licking him all over. She came home with us until we could find her owner and we were never able to find them. It didn’t appear that anyone wanted her—-but we did. She is a pitbull/boxer mix and though I have always had a fear of pitbulls—-I think she was sent to us so that I could understand that the breed isn’t all bad. This dog, her name is FlowerBud, is the sweetest thing ever. A little cuddly baby with my kids and I and a funny little rabbit dog when she is out playing with the other dogs.

Waiting to go for a walk!

Luckily, they are all great on the leash and when I do take them out for a walk or run, they do quite well. I usually let them run around the yard, since our yard is huge, but since I am trying to up my exercise—I have been taking them out for walks or runs more often than normal. It feels so good to get out in the neighborhood and judging from how excited they get when I grab the leashes they feel the same way too.

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